My name is Yu Lu and welcome to my website!

I will be joining Johns Hopkins University as a PhD student this Fall, where I will be working with Prof. Ziang Xiao. Currently, I’m a Master’s student at McGill University and Mila, supervised by Prof. Jackie Chi Kit Cheung. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work with collaborators (and mentors!) from Microsoft Research Montreal: Dr. Alexandra Olteanu and Dr. Su Lin Blodgett. Before my master’s studies, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in (Honours) Statistics and Computer Science at McGill University, and I also served as the Co-President (2021-2022) of McGill Artificial Intelligence Society.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Broadly speaking, I’m interested in the design of methods that evaluate what we need to know about natural language processing (NLP) systems. To this end, I want to know more about:

  • How do people interact with NLP systems?
  • How do people develop NLP systems, or conduct research in the field of NLP? (This includes but is not limited to current evaluation practices!)
  • How are people impacted by the use of NLP systems, by development/research practices in NLP?

About my name: “Yu Lu” is my given name and “Liu” is my family name. You can pronounce my given name by saying “you lunatic!” and then omit the “natic” part. It’s a 70% correct pronunciation and I’ve gotten quite used to it! That being said, I’ll be very happy if you get 100% by focusing on the last two characters of this Chinese idiom.


(2023). Responsible AI Considerations in Text Summarization Research: A Review of Current Practices. In EMNLP 2023 Findings.

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(2022). MaskEval: Weighted MLM-Based Evaluation for Text Summarization and Simplification. arXiv Preprint.

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The best way to reach me is via email or Twitter DM: